EMS Maritime Offshore expands fleet

20 jun 2018Nieuws

New addition of a Multi-Role Support Vessel

Emden/Knock On Friday, 15 June 2018, a new ship of the EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH (EMO) and Van Laar Maritime BV was christened at Knock in Emden with the name ‘EMSWIND’. Godmother Marie-Luise Hapig was visibly overjoyed at the honour of christening the ship and wished the new addition: ‘May you always have a safe journey and a hand-span of water under the keel.’

The ship was christened at ‘Port Knock’, which had been purchased by the AG ‘EMS’ in 2001. Since then, AG ‘EMS’ has invested around 4 million euros,’ AG ‘EMS’ chairman Dr. Bernhard Brons revealed. In addition to mooring spots on the pier itself and on the floating dock, the pier was raised to 4.17 above sea level, by which, among other things, heavy-lift shipping was made possible. ‘An individual weight of 400 tonnes has already been shipped,’ Brons said and added, ‘Furthermore, the facility is storm-resistant to the greatest possible extent.’


‘EMSWIND’ is an Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (abbreviated as ERRV). At the same time, it is a Multi-Purpose and Support Vessel and is especially designed for some essential demands in its use for the offshore wind farm. With its 37.5-meter length, it is ideally suited for operation in the wind farm as a Safety- and Guard-Vessel. Its spacious loading deck, however, also makes it suitable for use in preliminary biological research in potential wind farm areas as well as for supply and disposal services, so-called ‘cargo runs’ with freight. ‘We commissioned it to be built before we had any orders,’ EMO managing director Knut Gerdes explained. A manageable risk was thus taken because a good price-services relation could be offered to the client with this ship. ‘We look forward to operating in the North and Baltic Seas with this ship, although we will also be present internationally on an ad hoc basis’, Gerdes said. MS ‘EMSWIND’ sails under the flag of Van Laar Maritime BV, which has, accordingly, changed flags because of its international operations. By this Gerdes means: ‘We have to follow the market!’ That has also worked, for Tennet had already placed a first order before it was put into operation. Tennet is responsible for transferring the electricity amounts of the offshore wind farm in the North Sea.

A small jubilee was also celebrated by the way, for the collaboration between EMO and Van Laar Maritime has now been in existence for 10 years. ‘We now have our tenth shared ship in the making’, Brons asserted, for another CTV (Crew Transport Vessel) is expected to be commissioned in August. This is a true success story.’ The EMO has in recent years emphasised its presence in Eemshaven, where it built two offshore bases for its clients Siemens and MHI Vestas. But clients can be gained also for the ‘Port Knock’ location through the upgrading of the facilities there. In May alone, 72 docking manoeuvres by CTVs in connection with different building campaigns were scheduled. The ‘EMSWIND’ will be propelled by three engines of the Cummins K19DM type on a diesel-gas-electrical basis. It can attain a speed of 12 knots. It will be manned by a five-man crew on board in order to perform tasks such as guard vessel or cargo runs. In addition, it can transport up to 12 wind farm technicians for clients. The investments in this ship amounted to 4.6 million Euros, and EMO and Van Laar Maritime BV each contributed 50%. This ship was built at the tradition-steeped Pattje Shipyard on Winschoter Diep near Groningen in the Netherlands.

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