Ems Maritime Offshore to participate in traffic control measures during construction of Fehmarnbelt tunnel

1 sep 2020Nieuws

The offshore specialists Ems Maritime Offshore GmbH (EMO) have participated in the tender by the Danish Femern A/S project enterprise regarding the provision of nautical specialists involved in traffic control measures for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel project, and have been awarded the contract for this five-year project. 

In connection with the offshore construction of the Fehmarnbelt fixed link, a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Fehmarnbelt is to be set up as part of the risk control measures in collaboration with the Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Travemünde. During the construction phase, the sea space is to be monitored around the clock by traffic control ships. EMO will provide authorised personnel for every vessel. They will assume responsibility for on-board nautical support in collaboration with the VTS Fehmarnbelt. The nautical specialists have been trained in advance by the German shipping authorities.

“As a German company, we are delighted to be involved in such an outstanding and innovative project as the construction of the Fehmarnbelt link. Traffic control is an important role during maritime construction. It ensures plain sailing for the German-Danish cooperation”, says Jan Heyenga, Head of the Maritime Services Department at EMO.

The Emden-based company is sourcing for this project from its experienced nautical personnel who have been successfully deployed for years in the field of maritime coordination and sea space observation for offshore wind farms as well as in the company’s own VENTUSmarine control centre.


Illustration af portalområdet ved Puttgarden på Fehmarn efter konstruktionen.
Illustration of the portal area at Puttgarden on Fehmarn after construction.
Illustration des Portalbereichs bei Puttgarden auf Fehmarn nach Fertigstellung des Tunnels.

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