First handling of large offshore components on the Landemole Knock after improvement

13 mrt 2017Nieuws

Offshore Wind Solutions (OWS) based in Emden supplies components for wind energy plants on the Rysumer Nacken

After the Landemole Knock on the Rysumer Nacken was reinforced last year to make it suitable for bearing heavy loads, the first large components have now been loaded onto the landing pier. The Emden-based company “Offshore Wind Solutions” (OWS) is currently utilising the renovated Landemole and the adjacent areas belonging to AG EMS.

The reason for this measure is a commission to rebuild two existing wind energy plants on the Rysumer Nacken which main components are to be replaced over the coming weeks. The turbine buildings, each weighing over 300 tonnes, and the six rotor blades, each 60 metres in length, are loaded individually and brought from the Landemole to Emden’s inland harbour via a floating pontoon, and the replacement components are shipped the other way round.

The intermediate storage of individual components takes place on company property belonging to the EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH (EMO), a subsidiary of AG EMS. These will then be brought from there to the construction site on the Rysumer Nacken. OWS is responsible for coordination of the project, with assistance from experienced EMO logistics personnel.

Knut Gerdes, Managing Director of EMO, adds: “Port Knock will in future mainly serve as a service harbour for existing offshore wind farms and provide berths, harbour and free areas for the purpose. This is an ideal place for service companies to settle”.

The Landemole on the Emder Knock was taken over in 2000 by AG EMS. Due to its strategically-favourable position regarding the wind farms in the North Sea, the area is particularly suitable for heavy goods transportation and handling. After five years of stage-wise expansion and reinforcement measures, AG EMS and EMO were able to hold the inauguration of “Port Knock” in July of last year. The installation was raised in height by 1.2 m to a total of 4.2 m above sea level, to improve its resilience against flooding. The load-bearing capacity for heavy loads has been increased. In total, AG EMS has invested over EUR 3.5 mio into the Knock.

Bron: EMS Maritime Offshore

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