Nouryon wordt Nobian

12 jan 2021Nieuws

Nouryon announces renaming of Industrial Chemicals subsidiary to Nobian as next step in growth and branding strategy

In support of its global growth and branding strategies, Nouryon has chosen to rename its wholly-owned Industrial Chemicals business to Nobian. This branding change will allow Nobian to develop its integrated European value chain for essential base chemicals under its own name and brand while Nouryon will continue to focus on growing its leading position in global specialty chemicals.

“In the past two years, we have established a new organizational structure that allows our Businesses, Operations and Functions to focus on what they do best. We also launched a new strategy that aims to exceed our customers’ expectations, outgrow the competition and increase the share of specialties in our portfolio,” said Charlie Shaver, Nouryon’s Chairman and CEO. “This next step in our journey will allow Nouryon and our wholly-owned subsidiary Nobian to pursue even more focused growth strategies under separate brands.”

Nobian is a European leader in the production of salt, chlor-alkali and chloromethanes, which are essential for the manufacture of disinfectants, lightweight durable plastics, aluminum, pharmaceuticals and other products. The business is headquartered in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, and employs around 1,800 people with manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

“The safe and reliable production of our essential base chemicals for the European industry has only increased in importance over the past year,” said Knut Schwalenberg, President of Nobian. “We will continue to be owned by Nouryon as we grow our business under the new name Nobian, starting with the ongoing expansion of chloromethane production in Frankfurt, Germany, to better serve customers in the pharmaceutical and construction industries.”

The Nobian brand will be introduced through a phased approach in the coming months, beginning with a new website.


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