TenneT Kicks Off BorWin3 Subsea Cable Installation Works

17 aug 2017Nieuws

Prysmian’s cable laying vessel Cable Enterprise is getting ready to install the next section of the 130-kilometre subsea cable which will connect the 900MW BorWin3 to Germany’s mainland grid.

Cable Enterprise was loaded with a 64-kilometre cable section in Eeemshaven, the Netherlands, in early August, and has now arrived at the installation site.

The first 43-kilometre section of the subsea link was installed in Autumn 2015.

Cable Enterprise is expected to install the second section of the 320kV High Voltage Direct Current link by mid-September, TenneT said.

Last week, the final 23 kilometres of cables were loaded onto the cable laying vessel Atalanti at Prysmian’s facility in Pikkala, Finland.

Atalanti is currently in Eemshaven where the vessel is undergoing final outfitting prior to heading out to install the final section which will hook up to BorWin3.

The final cable section is expected to be laid by the end of October, TenneT, said.

The BorWin3 link will transport power via cable over 130km at sea and a further 30km on land to the grid feed-in point in Emden. The direct current will then be converted back into alternating current for further transmission and distribution.

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