EMS Maritime Offshore: Accommodation Solution on the Island of Borkum for Summer Campaigns

5 mei 2017Service

The Island of Borkum is one of the best sites to start offshore operation campaigns in the German

North Sea. So it is not surprising that a lot of offshore companies make use of the short transit times

and send their technicians from island to the offshore wind farms. However Borkum is also a popular

destination for holidaymakers, why the hotels and accommodation are frequently booked during

summer times.

In order to offer an interesting alternative for the offshore industry, EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH

(EMO) provides additional accommodation facilities in the port of Borkum. From the beginning of May

2017 the floating Hotel MPS Brillant is berthing in the shelter port of Borkum. The vessel is located in

close walking distance to the CTVs, so that technicians do not need an additional and time‐consuming

transfer to the city.

On a length of 64 metres and a width of 8,5 metres, the MPS Brillant has 40 single cabins with a

bathroom en‐suit. Equipped with a galley, a full catering service is provided to the hosted guests and

a large common room offers plenty of space for the technicians to spend some time together after

work. Regular cleaning and housekeeping are obviously included in the services.

The accommodation vessel is managed by EMO and was shifted to Borkum on special request of one

customer. Some individual cabins are still available during summer times and can be rented on a

weekly basis.


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