Dutch Plan Offshore Wind Mission to China

18 apr 2017Nieuws

Holland Home of Wind Energy (HHWE) the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) and Consulate General of the Netherlands in Guangzhou are organising an offshore wind mission to Guangdong and Fujian, China in May.

All companies working in the offshore wind sector can join the mission, however, the organisers extended a special invitation to companies focussing on offshore wind installation and offshore wind operations and maintenance.

The mission will last from 22 May to 26 May, during which time the companies will meet with public- and private stakeholders in South China offshore energy industry, and also be introduced to government officials, developers & contractors, research institutes and other companies active in the offshore energy supply chain in Guangdong and Fujian province.

Offshore wind is becoming more and more economically attractive in China after the government cut the tariffs for onshore projects. The country had 1,627MW of commissioned offshore wind capacity at the end of 2016. The renewed focus on offshore wind could see China exceed its target of 5GW of coastal projects ahead of the government’s 2020 deadline. Given the pace of development, the goal may be reached by the end of 2018, HHWE said.

Guangdong and Fujian province are seen as the new hotspots for offshore wind. Many projects will be launched in the next years to come. The offshore wind mission could be an important stepping stone for Dutch companies that would like to be active in these provinces, the organisers said.

Bron: Offshorewind.biz

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